Exam Banner Premium Pack

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Our Exam Banner Premium Pack contains four banners and a SAVING!

3 x Exam Pull-Up Banners

The original and our best selling banner. This premium banner comes with full colour printed graphics on high quality PVC which makes it tear resistant and easy to wipe clean. Standing at two meters tall and 850mm wide it’s a great way to inform students, staff and visitors that an exam is taking place.

1 x No Mobile Phone Pull-Up Banner

Don’t let students say they didn’t see the JCQ signs. Place our No Mobile Phones Pull-Up Banner at the entrances to your exam hall and at two meters tall they have no excuses! This banner has the JCQ wording on it and has been reproduced with their permission. Our banner makes it clear to students when they are entering exam conditions and the possible outcomes should they be found in possession of unauthorised electronics in the exam.


So what’s included for this low price:

  • 4 x Premium Banner Stand with snap clip top rail (not stuck on with tape) and two twist out feet
  • Free artwork and digital proof
  • Full colour printed banners – 850mm x 2000mm and print finish of high quality
  • Lay-flat material (no curly sides to the banner)
  • Anti-scratch finish with no lamination required
  • Premium carry cases
  • Free shipping
  • One (1) Month Manufacturers Warranty (see ‘Warranty’ tab for full details)

Please Note: You are still required to display the official JCQ poster in line with JCQ guidance, this is not a replacement to the posters. 

Additional information

Additional information


Width 850mm, Height 2000mm